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Black Desert: Prestige Giveaway – Win $140 Worth Of Content!


 When it comes to giveaways, we had a pretty good October – with Webzen’s seasonal giveaway bundle and a supply of Dual Universe beta keys. But we’re only 3 days into November and it’s already gotten off to a pretty unbeatable start. With just a few days left until the Black Desert: Prestige edition hits the shelves on 6th November, we’ve got 5 chances to win everything included in the Prestige bundle – worth around $140.

Black Desert is an illustrious MMORPG set in an expansive open world, with compelling classes, impactful PvP, and even a healthy dose of parkour. The Prestige version is a physical copy of the MMORPG for Xbox and PlayStation, retailing at a reasonable $29.99, but with $140 worth of content. 

The base game content includes: 

  • Value Package (60 Days)
  • Pearl Box (2000 pearls)
  • Pet : Snow Wolfdog
  • Calpheon Chargers’ Horse Gear Set (Mount)
  • Tier 3 Horse (Mount)

The DLC includes

  • Exclusive Pet Black Leopard x1
  • Limited Edition Glorious Shudad Premium Set x1
  • Value Pack (30 Days) x1
  • [Event] Enhancement Help Kit II x1
  • Advice of Valks (+40) x1
  • Blessed Message Scroll (100 min.) x15
  • Pearl Box – 2000 x1

By obtaining a key for yourself you can redeem the game and all of the above on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 – only we won’t be handing them out at random.

There are 5 chances to win yourself a copy of the Black Desert: Prestige edition through MMOGames.com by telling us why you are excited about playing the game for yourself!

To maximise your chances, we’d recommend following our TwitterFacebook and Instagram and signing up to mmogames.com (at the top right of the screen). 

Once you’ve done that, you can enter the draw in the following ways:

  1. Comment on this news article below with why you are excited to play BDO 
  2. Retweet and Reply to our Tweet with why you are excited to play BDO, tagging @PlayBlackDesert 
  3. Like and Comment on our Facebook post with why you are excited to play BDO, tagging @PlayBlackDesert
  4. Like and Comment on our Instagram post with why you are excited to play BDO, tagging @play_blackdesert
  5. Follow each of our social media channels to find out how to win the final key as we announce it. 

The winners will be announced on 6th November – the day that Black Desert: Prestige edition is released, so make sure you’ve thrown your hat into the ring before then! And good luck!

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