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Waffenträger 2: Electric Boogaloo – World of Tanks Revives An Old Legend


The armoured warfare MMO, World of Tanks, is rolling out a new PvPvE game mode for a limited time this month. In this fan-favourite wargame, players propel steel-clad behemoths around a battlefield in an effort to outmaneuver and outgun their opponents. The game boasts over 600 customisable models – each based on real-world armoured vehicles – ranging from light to heavy tanks as well as tank-destroyers and self-propelled guns. It’s basically the same as choosing a MOBA champion except they’re all made of inch-thick steel and all-terrain tracks. Although not all tanks are created equal…

In the latest update, entitled ‘The Last Waffenträger’, World of Tanks is reintroducing a vehicle once banished for being too powerful. The Waffenträger auf E110 is something of an abomination – a lightning-spewing juggernaut whose main ‘Gungnir’ weapon is capable of tearing smaller opponents apart in just 2 shots. In this latest game event, it is up to 7 players each driving their own lightning-imbued, though comparatively puny, T-55 Thunderbolts to take down the one player who scored the role of the titanic tank boss.

At the start of the match, shots fired at the Waffenträger will barely leave a scratch, so it is up to the plucky team of Thunderbolts to take down scores of AI ‘Sentinel’ tanks that spawn around the battlefield in order to collect Energy Packs, which will power up the whole team and restore a few hit points. All whilst avoiding and enduring the devastating weapons of the Waffenträger. 

The Thunderbolts should find their weapons suitably equipped to take down the fearsome Waffenträger once the last batch of Sentinels has been dispatched – at which point it’s time to get to work. Players have only 6 minutes per match (which is prolonged after each wave of Sentinels) and the Thunderbolts are each given three chances to respawn. So, you know, it’s going to be intense.

If this raucous clash sounds like your kind of thing, then you have until 12th October to join the fray and reap the many rewards that come with it. Whether you’re new to the armoured warfare MMO or an expert in the field, we recommend you swing by the Event Guide on the official World of Tanks website to ensure you’re fully up to speed before diving in. 

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